Rajapruek Tree Planting Projects

From Theory to Practice “FORRU and Rajapruek Institute Foundation”

Rajapruek institute foundation,is a non-government organization, whom intention is environmental conservation and restoration, especially for forest, and also raise awareness to Thai people about sense of belonging on the nature. The collaboration in the main point of the foundation, so they try to connect the government, non-government organization and people from all part of Thailand to involve the project, aim to requite to motherland and the Thai royal family.


Lastly, FORRU-CMU and Rajapruek institute foundation have been collaboration about forest ecosystem restoration by using native forest tree, and developed the forest restoration monitoring systems, that develop from the reseach to the practical work and up scale in other part of Thailand.

In 2011,  the staffs from the Rajapruek institute foundation and the forestry department have been trained about the framework tree species method (site preparation, plot maintenance, and seedling production) for applying in Uttaradit province for 3 day and for 2 times. After the workshop, the staffs have set the experimental plot and data collection system.  

In 2013, the Rajapruek institute foundation has supported the forest demonstration plot system at Ban Mae Sa Mai, Pong Yang, Chiang Mai, for plating 16 rai (2.5 hectares) and Moncham, Nong Hoy Royal project for planting 12 rai (2 hectares).  The G4 project (Give Green Get Green), including foundation committee, Bangkok volunteer, and public media about 40 people, has participated the planting event on 16th -17th June                                                                             2013, in both sites.   

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