Meet some of the FORRU staff and learn about the importance of forest conservation and restoration, as well as education programs including those in Ban Mae Sa Mai. Art Relief International is an organization FORRU has paired up with several times, in this video ARI discusses education about the forest through art

Naeng Siwapataraprom a villager from the Hmong village Ban Mae Sa Mai discusses the village conservation club and its collaboration with FORRU. FORRU has worked along side Ban Mae Sa Mai for 15 years and has shared forest restoration resources, research, and techniques. FORRU has also assisted in establishing a nursery in the village

Take a look at FORRU seed collecting methods with some of the nursery staff

Learn about how wildlings (seedlings from the forest) are collected based on certain characteristics and transplanted in the nursery

Watch how the seeds of the Afzelia xylocarpa are prepared and grown in the nursery

Here FORRU staff explain the steps of potting a seedling, beginning with selecting a seedling and creating potting soil and ending, finally, with potting the seedling in the plastic bag

Watch a discussion with villagers at a FAO Assisted Natural Regeneration project training session on Doi Mae Salong about the benefits of ANR.  

Listen to a discussion about environmental services from Assisted Natural Regeneration given at a training session for FAO ANR project on Doi Mae Salong.


Watch villagers rank and discuss their favorite economic plants harvested from the FAO ANR project plots. At this training session on Doi Mae Salong the men and women's groups talk about their favorite plants used for enriching the plots.