Seedling Potting

Pricking - out
"Pricking - out" (potting) is transferring seedlings from germination trays into containers. Do this in shade, late in the day. Fill containers with forest soil, peanut husk and coconut husk, mixed in the ratio of 2:1:1. Make a hole in the medium, big enough to make the seedling's roots without bending them. Handle the fragile seedlings with care. Gently grasp a leaf (not stem) of a seedling and slowly prise it out of its germination tray with a spoon. Place the seedling's root into the hole with more medium. Bang the container on the ground to settle the medium. Top up with more medium, until the medium surface is 1-2 cm below the container's rim and the seedling's root collar is at the medium surface. Then, press the medium to make sure the plant is upright and centrally placed. With larger plants, partly fill containers with medium. Place plants in containers and add medium around the roots