Education materials

Here are some fun educational resources about forest restoration we have compiled. Schools participating in our international and local programs receive these on CD. We've put them on our website to let everyone use them, so enjoy!

Worksheets usually covered at FORRU School Events
Fun Worksheets for the classroom
Summaries of “How to Plant a Forest ” Manual sections
School Tree Nursery Handbook

The School Tree Nursery Handbook gives advice to schools wanting to establish their own tree growing facilities, and was developed by the Plant a Tree Today Foundation in collaboration with FORRU.

Other activities you might like to do back at school:

  • Find a good local or regional botany book to get to know your local plants.
  • Identify local species on your school campus and label the trees.
  • Find a local nursery that can provide local provenance species.
  • Design a local arboretum planting for the school.

We also have a certificate for students who finish all of the activities. We congratulate you!